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London is known for many great things, but cheap cinema tickets are not one of them. At at average price of £17.50, a single cinema ticket in London costs nearly three times as much as one in a major European city like Paris. As tight as times are right now, people are looking for ways to save money; sadly, many simply cross a night out at the cinema off of their list due to the exorbitant prices. If you want to take in a film in London but don't want to spent a lot of money, there are ways to do so - you can learn more below.
The Prince Charles Cinema
The best-known repertory cinema in London is undoubtedly the Prince Charles Cinema. Located in Leicester Square, the venue boasts tickets for as low as £1.50 per person. Overall, the average ticket at the Prince Charles Cinema will cost you about £5 - a significant savings over the price of a ticket virtually anywhere else in the city. Best of all, this cinema shows recent releases as well as classic films, allowing moviegoers of all tastes and preferences to find something that they will enjoy.
Riverside Studios Cinema
One of the more unique repertory cinemas in London is the Riverside Studios Cinema. It's main claim to fame are its extremely low-priced double bills. In fact, Riverside is the only repertory cinema in London that still puts on double bills on a regular basis. For just £6.50, you can purchase a ticket for two different films; they are then shown virtually back to back, with a brief intermission in between. It's a wonderful way to while away a sleepy afternoon or evening and is a popular spot for couples and families alike.
Pub Film Nights
Finally, another superb way to take in a film on the cheap in London is by hitting a local pub's film night. Two excellent examples of this are:

The Charlotte Street Hotel - On Sundays at the swanky Charlotte Street Hotel, film lovers can enjoy a three-course meal, drinks and a film screening for only £35. Unlike many other hotels in London, there's no need to book a room here to enjoy this perk.
The Roxy Bar and Screen - The popular Roxy Bar & Screen offers first-come, first-served screenings of popular films for only £3. While watching the film, you can enjoy a pint or two - along with the convivial spirit of the crowd.

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